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Why to Convert 2D Floor Plan to 3D? Floor plans offer numerous advantages. For one, they provide a good insight into the proper dimensions of designs, as well as beautiful designs as a whole. Most floor pans today are also made colorful complete with stunning picture illustrations. These plans can be made in several formats, including JPEG, WMF, TIF, and DWG, to name a few.

Floor plans can also be either 2D or 3D, depending on the results that you want to achieve. Hand drawn sketches can be easily converted into 3D and 2D format alike. Read onto know how 3D floor plans are different from 2D floor plans, and which is a much better option for you. (Convert Sketch to 2D Floor Plan)

Technical Differences

A designer that uses 3D floor plans is working on both x-axis and y-axis. In addition, the design could be altered in left, right, up, and down sides. Meanwhile, 2D plans are much cheaper and simpler relatively. These could be used for showing the front, side, and right side of a project. Not like with 2D, designers are working on three axes for creating 3D floor plans. This is similar to molding a certain object which just looks similar no matter what specific angle you are looking at it from. When using 3D technology, wireframes and solid models are made line by line.

More Notable Differences of 2D and 3D Floor Plans

  • Affordability – When it comes to the price, 2D floor plans are notably cheap. However, if the quality is your main concern, it is recommended to spend a little bit more by opting for 3D floor plans.
  • Flexibility – If you are after flexibility, 3D plans are the best choice you’ve got. 2D models could be used to create 3D models. High resolution can also be achieved for the final model.
  • Quality – Nothing beats 3D floor plans as far as quality is concerned. Through the use of 3D technology, professional designers can also incorporate furniture pieces to further enhance the look, which then results in designs that are more realistic. The best thing about 3D is that these can also create 360-degree virtual tours, full views, and walkthroughs.
  • Interactivity – For better user experience, animate options can also be integrated into 3D floor plans, something that is impossible with 2D plans. Aside from that, 3D plans also provide the viewer with some control to let them rotate the designs which help check the structures from various angles. The designs in 3D also allow users to press a button for furniture pieces to disappear or appear inside every room.

With the help of innovative floor plans, it is now very possible for you to promote your properties without any issues that can help generate more leads. Thus, when choosing between 2D floor plans, it is important to consider your needs and the benefits that come with each option. Never make your decision according to the price alone in order to avoid regretting your decision in the end.

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Convert 2D Floor Plan to 3D

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