How 3D Floor Plans Are Better Than 2D Floor Plans?

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The property buyer in today’s market is all about the immediate gratification of the visual appearance. Online house hunting has made it that you never have to leave the comfort of your couch to buy a property, so real estate agents need every advantage they can get when it comes to helping their client visualize what life will be like with their new property. In the past, the only way for a buyer to see where they’ll spend their days cooking, reading and sleeping was with antiquated, simplistic 2D floor plans. Now, 3D floor plans offer a new and exciting way to take a virtual tour of their future home, and it has become an invaluable and effective selling tool in today’s real estate market.

3D Floor Plans Vs 2D : Comparison

A Visual Experience

With 3D floor plans, potential buyers are brought into an immersive visual landscape that 2D floor plans cannot replicate. Smaller details such as the colors on the walls and the texture of tiles and hardwood floors can be seen, not just imagined. Real estate agents can show their clients how each room in the house functions, right down to how the sunlight pours through a window or how much space they have in the kitchen, or how a painting would look hanging on a wall. This unprecedented level of detail will help sell the idea of owning a home like never before.

3D Floor Plans

See Your Home before It’s Built

3D floor plans are especially useful when it comes to properties that are still in the planning stages. In the past, 2D floor plans made it difficult for a potential homeowner to imagine the design and look of a particular room, but 3D floor plans can help them properly appreciate the space and volume of each room and visualize the relationships between rooms. Tenants for office buildings can see how many people they could fit on a floor. Owners can see how much space they’ll have in the garage with a car inside. These are the types of visualizations that can help real estate agents to make that final sale.

3D Decorating

3D floor plans also offer the chance for buyers to be involved in the decorating process on a grander scale. Real estate agents can walk their clients through a virtual tour of what their future home will look like, complete with realistic renderings of all types of furniture and appliances. While 2D floor plans offered plain and simplistic shapes as stand-ins for tables and countertops, prospective buyers can now choose the color and look of their dining room table, or the type of stone they’ll use for their kitchen countertop with a realistic three-dimensional rendering. They will have the added reassurance of being able to choose their interior decorations in advance, including just how long and what color the bedroom curtains need to be.

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With 3D floor plans, real estate agents will be able to make the home-buying experience a little more fun and a little less stressful for all of their clients.

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