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Convert 2D to 3D Floor Plans : Importance

Article by Sandy Smith

The 2D plans are gradually coming out of fashion, being replaced by the 3D floor plans. The 3D plans can be vivid and colorful with a lot of details involved having the pictorial illustrations. The 2D and the 3D plans are very different from each other both having different results in the end.

There can be many advantages in transforming or converting your 2D floor plans to the latest 3D plans can be a right step for you in selling your property. Some of the reasons and advantages to this conversion are:

  • The 2D models of the floor plans don’t have the same view as the 3D plans. It shows the property in a way that the client can view it from different angles and this is more accurate way than the 2D plan. He can also make sure about all the changes and the type of settings he want to apply on the property before buying.
  • The 2D plans cannot help you in deciding the colors, décor, textures and other ideas about the property. This is only possible with the 3D floor plan maker. The customer can more effectively visualize the effects of his creative ideas.
  • The latest 3D technology helps you in deciding and editing the ideas without wasting your materials, energy, time and money.
  • The 3D floor plans are very flexible as compared to the 2D plans. They can be made from existing 2D models.
  • The 2D plans have limited options as compared to the 3D plans which have more animated options to satisfy the clients. The clients can view the place from different views and perspectives. They can also add different features in the property, setting everything before buying or starting the construction.
  • Though the 2D plans are cheaper but the 3D floor plans are worth investing in for its quality of image and other advantages.

These are some of the reasons for converting 2D plans to 3D floor plans and can be beneficial for you property or real estate business.